Alcohol Use Disorder Brain Proteomics Atlas

Welcome to the Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) Brain Proteomic Atlas, established by the Women’s Health Integrated Research Center (WHIRC) at Inova Health System. This utility allows users to interrogate our comprehensive quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics data from six different regions of the human brain, including the amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus, nucleus accumbens, prefrontal cortex, and ventral tegmental area (VTA). The expression of protein(s) of interest, as well as their differential abundance in AUD vs control individuals, can be explored in the six brain regions. The cohort studied and description of the methods for sample processing and analysis can be found in our published manuscript titled “Brain Proteomic Atlas of Alcohol Use Disorder in Adult Males” by Pang-ning Teng, Waleed Barakat, Sophie M. Tran, Zoe M. Tran, Nicholas W. Bateman,Kelly A. Conrads, Ming Zhou, Brian L. Hood, G. Larry Maxwell, Lorenzo Leggio, Thomas P. Conrads and Mary R. Lee, published in Translational Psychiatry, 2023 (

Please contact Dr. Thomas P. Conrads (, 3289 Woodburn Rd., Suite 375, Annandale, VA 22003 for any questions.

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